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Our Program

The FACELIFT MASTERCLASS is a 2 day teaching course with a faculty that reads as a who’s who in facial plastic surgery. The course takes place in Surrey, United Kingdom at the fabulous Brooklands Hotel on the world famous motor racing circuit of the same name. The venue lies only 20 minutes from Central London, Heathrow airport and Gatwick airport. The course takes place on the 16th and 17th of March 2019. The course is open to clinicians of all levels of qualification although a through understanding of facial anatomy is highly beneficial. The price of the course is £1,300 for consultants and a special rate of £950 for trainees. Please book early by enquiring here as spaces are limited and we will fill up quickly. We are very much looking forward to welcoming delegates from the UK and abroad.

The price of the course includes the following…

  • All meals including teas and coffess, lunch on both days and a fantastic evening meal
  • Drinks reception in the evening
  • Standard double room in the superb Brooklands Hotel
  • Entry to the Spa
  • Evenings entertainment TBC (cocktail making classes are favourite!)
  • Full 2 day teaching programme
  • Certificate of attendance
  • We are also able to provide track days at extra cost on the Friday at the amazing Mercedes Benz world onsite!

Program Details

An international faculty will present the most contemporary techniques in facial rejuvenation surgery.

The facelift faculty includes keynote lectures including

Andre Auersvald presenting his experience with the haemostat net and its application to challenging neck surgery. Deep neck surgery techniques including hyoid and digastric plication, submandibular gland reduction with redistribution of neck skin and avoidance of the pre auricular scar will be discussed. A novel concept of brow lift is also presented.

Chiara Botti will update the deep subsmas techniques and her bespoke temporal and brow procedures.

Lucian Ion explains his approach to formulating a bespoke algorithm to treat the difficult neck. Furthermore he will present research with 3D Imaging and its translation into clinical practice. The essential components of male face lifting are also covered.

Anthony Wolfe is Director of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Miami Children’s Hospital.  He has extensive experience with craniofacial surgery from the days when he spent a year as Assistant to Paul Tessier in Paris.  He will talk about skeletal aspects of facial rejuvenation.

The concepts of redistribution and redraping skin has huge implications for the way we think about improving results.

Norman Waterhouse discusses the endoscopic brow lift and its successor. In addition, the future of a range of procedures will be debated in the light of the extended applications of the haemostatic net. These include, in addition to the face and brow, gynaecomastia, rhinoplasty, body surgery, seroma prevention/management and the reality of a future without haematomas.

Niall Kirkpatrick discusses the management of the mid face and the correction of stigmatic filler deformities.

Naresh Joshi presents and reviews periorbital rejuvenation as a world leader in the field of practice and teaching.

Day 1: 16th March 2019

8.00 Registration and Coffee.

Morning Session 1. Chair: NORMAN WATERHOUSE

8.30 Welcome and Introduction – Norman Waterhouse
8.40 Facelifting techniques – where are we now? – Norman Waterhouse
9.00 The A net for haemostasis – Andre Auersvald
9.25 3D based assessment and planning for bespoke facial rejuvenation – Lucian Ion
9.50 Learning curve for the haemostatic net. My first 100 cases – Norman Waterhouse
10.05 Neck anatomy in the cadaver – Andre Auersvald
10.20 Coffee

Morning Session 2. Chair: LUCIAN ION

10.50 Structural neck lift – Andre Auersvald
11.25 The lateral sub-SMAS approach – Chiara Botti
11.55 Non-surgical treatment of the neck and chest – Alexandra Mora Hernandez
12.15 Panel discussion
12.45 Lunch

Afternoon session 1 Chair: CHIARA BOTTI

1.45 Minimally invasive procedures for the face – Alexandra Mora Hernandez
2.15 Management of complications of filler rejuvenation – Niall Kirkpatrick
2.40 Advanced facial sculpting – Alexandra Mora Hernandez
3.00 The round face – Andre Auersvald
3.20 Skeletal surgery in facial rejuvenation – Anthony Wolfe
3.45 Coffee

Afternoon session 2. Chair: Niall KIRKPATRICK

4.10 Considerations for secondary facial rejuvenation based on 3D analysis – Lucian Ion
4.30 Neck contour in young patients – Andre Auersvald
4.45 Control of the jowl and labiomental lines – Lucian Ion
5.00 Round table discussion of all faculty
5.45 End of day 1
6.30 Drinks reception
7.00 Wine tasting (With grateful thanks to TRIANGLE SURGICAL and APYX MEDICAL)

Day 2: 17th March 2019

Morning session 1. Chair TONY WOLFE

8.30 Lid cheek junction progression with ageing. A 3D study – Lucian Ion
8.50 Midface lift with secondary lid correction – Niall Kirkpatrick
9.20 Midface lift – Chiara Botti
9.40 Lower blepharoplasty – Naresh Joshi
10.05 Blepharoplasty with radiosurgey – Alexandra Mora Hernandez
10.25 Pinch blepharoplasty – Norman Waterhouse
10.40 Fat transfer in the periorbital region – Niall Kirkpatrick
11.00 Coffee

Morning session 2. Chair LUCIAN ION

11.30 Combined therapies for facial rejuvenation – Alexandra Mora Hernandez
11.50 Castanares direct brow lift – Chiara Botti
12.05 Blepharoplasty in a low brow patient – Naresh Joshi
12.30 Brow lift – Alexandra Mora Hernandez
12.50 Discussion all panel
1.20 Lunch

Afternoon session 1. Chair NARESH JOSHI

2.20 Upper blepharoplasty Naresh Joshi
2.45 Endoscopic brow lift – Norman Waterhouse
3.00 Open brow lift – Niall Kirkpatrick
3.20 Gliding brow lift – Andre Auersvald
3.50 Temporal lift – Chiara Botti
4.20 All faculty round table discussion

What makes a successful facelift?
The changing role of the SMAS
Scarless facelifts.
Extended indications for the A net
Case presentations. What would you do?

5.30 End of meeting

Educational Objectives

  1. At the end of this course you should have a clear idea of how to assess a patient for facial rejuvenation and discuss with them the various options that would be appropriate.
  2. You should be able to identify which aspects of the basic facelift you might wish to change in the light of current knowledge and be able to carry this out safely.
  3. You should be aware of the learning curve for new procedures and understand which facelifts would be best avoided in your early facelift career and certainly in the first 25 procedures.
  4. You should have a clear idea as to how you would like your techniques and procedures to evolve as you gain experience in complex facial rejuvenation.

If you are coming to the course and you have difficult patients that you are struggling to assess or treat or if you have any relapsed patients or wish to discuss any other aspects of facelift practice and have examples, please contact the faculty and we would be happy to consider these cases for discussion during the panel sessions.

Our Next Program






Our next program is on the
16th and 17th March 2019
for the Clinical  Programme.

Andre Auersvald Naresh joshi
Chiara Botti Lucian ion
Niall Kirkpatrick Norman Waterhouse

Brooklands Hotel and
Spa (next to Mercedes
Benz World)

We can offer room upgrades for a small fee, to be track facing. There is an on site museum, Mercedes-Benz World, and driving experiences … all of which are available on the Friday which we will organise if there is interest.

Price is to be £1300 per person which includes the following…..

  • Full programme from world leaders in their field.
  • Accommodation on Saturday – double room (upgrade to track view or executive room possible)
  • Drinks Reception on Saturday night
  • Buffet 2 course lunch on both days
  • 3 course Evening meal
  • Teas and coffees throughout the day
  • Evening entertainment TBC
  • Access to the spa
  • Potential track day on site on Friday afternoon (extra cost)
  • Access to the museum on Friday (extra cost)

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